Themed weddings or also can be referred to as ‘Lifestyle’ weddings, they make things unique for floral designers!

Personalized themes are the biggest thing in weddings today. The personalization trend has made its way into every aspect of weddings, as couples proudly show their unique personalities and styles through florals, food, entertainment, and cultural elements. Personalization is not anything new it has just changed on how it’s incorporated into events.

Never use the word ‘unusual’ to describe a themed wedding. We prefer to use the word ‘unique’ in creating a memorable atmosphere!  The number of personalized theme choices can be recorded only by the amount of the imagination, meaning there is no limit to the options available. To name a few themed weddings * Desert Industrial, Off-Beat, Goth, Travel the World, Ski/Mountain and Barefoot Beach-side and of course Fantasy wedding themes, seem to be a favorite!